Savannah High School Class of 1962
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Savannah High School Class of 1962 - Trivia

Welcome to our class trivia feature. This feature is designed to have a little fun while at the same time helping to preserve our class history and jar each other's fading memories. We welcome your help in creating our class trivia questions. You can submit your multiple choice questions by clicking on the Suggest Question button.

  • Conflict resolution
  • During his senior year, one of me pals was involved in a verbal conflict with one of his teachers. ¬†The teacher resolved the conflict by ordering him out of her room for the balance of that day's class. ¬†My buddy walked through the door while the teacher held it for him, then closed it firmly behind him. ¬†My pal, realizing he had left all his books etc. in his desk, knocked on the door. ¬† The teacher responded ludly, saying, in effect, hie thee away, ye brgand! ¬†My pal then asked if she would just toss his books to him over the transom. ¬†And you know what, she did! ¬†Your assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to guess which of my pals the student was.

  • Irvin Asher explaining to Ellen S and other classmates!
  • Irvin Asher yearbook picture with Ellen S.

  • Mrs. Carolyn Yates, Rm 108 English Teacher and Advisor for Student Council
  • Apparently Mrs. Yates and Rick Tindol had some disagreement (English or Student Council). ¬†Mrs. Yates wrote in my yearbook, 'In spite of our disagreements I still love you...'. ¬†Several classmates, including Billy Smith, also commented on a disagreement. ¬†If you were there, can you remember. ¬†I surely don't remember.

  • R.O.T.C. was serious business (most of the time).
  • This was one of the exceptional times.

  • The National Debt

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